Feature The Oasis at Your Event

The Oasis Transportable Community Bathhouse is more than just a mobile Sauna and Shower System for special events, festivals, and weddings: The Oasis provides a unique and sacred environment that is deeply nourishing for the friends, family, and community that you have called to gather together. We take this intention deeply to heart, and seek to align our offerings with your larger Event Vision.

To request The Oasis, please share your vision via the inquiry form.

Installing and curating The Oasis at each event presents unique challenges, and we will respond to your inquiry in person to discuss details and reach a deeper understanding of the ways we can make The Oasis work for your special event.

Here’s some general information that previous event-organizers have found helpful in determining if The Oasis is a good fit for your event:


General Scope:

The Oasis strives to be more than an “equipment rental” service, providing a comprehensive environment within your larger event. The Oasis can consist of the Sauna, the Showers, the Healing Alliance, in any combination that works for you.



The Oasis needs access to clean potable water. A standard household hose connection is sufficient. We can draw from tanks or clean bodies of water when necessary.


Typically, we provide biodegradable soaps and filter the greywater before reintroducing it into the surrounding environment. When not feasible, we require access to sewer, septic, or greywater service.


The Oasis requires (1) 15-amp circuit. We can supply a generator when necessary.


As with any real-world system, The Oasis consumes resources (propane, water, etc), and also requires trained staff (see below) to install and curate The Oasis. These costs are manageable for all types of events, and we strive to find creative and easy ways for those costs to be managed at each event. Costs for each event are specific, based on volume & population, and your desired service parameters; we look forward to discussing those with you.


A common question is: “Can we reduce costs by staffing The Oasis with our own volunteers?”…Unfortunately, No. Primarily, this is because the Oasis involves fairly complicated and specific assembly, plumbing & electrical systems, and also management of fire and propane hazards; we must provide our own staff that has the training and on-site experience to install, troubleshoot, curate, and un-install all systems. Our staff is also specially trained to understand and mitigate our entire resource-use footprint and site-impact.
Secondarily, we have invested significant time and intention into the subtle ways that our staff presents themselves and the entire Oasis environment to create a safe, nourishing, and healing space for all genders, in ways reflective of global bathhouse culture. This unique environment is what makes a session at The Oasis so much different than “just rentin’ some showers”.